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Ugalla River Game Resrve

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Ugalla River Game Resrve

Ugalla River Game Reserve established in 1965 and located in three districts of Tabora Region and Mulele in Katavi Region. The reserve covers an area of 5,000 km², and it is dotted by thousands of miombo woodlands and grassland where bees pick nectar for making honey.

The land in Ugalla game reserve has Ugalla River which runs through the middle of the park, Miombo woodland, Hill-top miombo woodland and grassland in the flood plain cover most of the reserve. The miombo woodland contains valuable timber species such as Pterocarpus angolensis and Dalbergia melanoxylon.

The reserve has Abundance of wild animals including Hippo, Crocodile, Elephant sable, Lion, Topi, Roan, Wild dog, and Greater kudu.

Things to do include hunting, beekeeping and Honey gathering, photographic tourism, walking safaris, Bird watching safari and sport fishing.



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