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Mount Hanang Nature Forest Reserve

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Mount Hanang Nature Forest Reserve

Mount Hanang Nature Forest Reserve situated in Hanang District in Manyara region, the reserve covers an area of 5,871 hectares, while the border length is 35.676 km. Mount Hanang is a third highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro and Meru mountains with elevation of 3,676 m above sea level.

The reserve has steep slopes with declining vegetation as you go up. On the western side most part is occupied by rock in steep slopes. The forest is continuously intercepted by ridges and valley on the Western side and that the forest is found in valleys while on South and Eastern side ridge and valleys are covered by forest.

The reserve is comparatively rich in vegetation cover and species due to its wide altitudinal range and rainfall. The vegetations present are; Montane forest on weather Southern and Northern slopes and Dry montane forest- on Western slopes between 1,980-2,780 m, Grassland and Bushland between 2,100-2,700 m.

The animals found within the reserve include klipspringer, velvet monkeys, bush pigs, olive baboons, spotted hyena, leopards and a variety of snakes, birds and insects.



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