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Ngezi Forest Reserve

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Ngezi Forest Reserve

The Ngezi Forest Reserve is located in Pemba Island, Zanzibar. It covers an area of 1,440 hectares, mostly comprising primary forest. Ngezi forest is one of the last remaining areas of indigenous forest that once covered much of the island, and as close to rainforest that you'll get anywhere on Zanzibar.

The reserve includes several biomes, including tropical forest, riverine forest, and maquis shrubland.  It is the home for many endemic species, and an amazing jungle experience. The forest line containing closed vegetation continues up to the beach at Vumawimbi giving visitors to the new tourist resorts a wonderful tropical experience

The forest reserve consist of Monkeys, Bush babies, Pemba fruit bats, various species of Birds, Flowers, Butterflies, Spice plants, A natural fresh water lake & Owls which can be seen during the night.



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